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Saturday, January 07, 2006


This little December-January break has been a bit rainy. I have not been able to walk as much as I would have liked. However, there were a few sunny days scattered throughout and I was able to do a little walking as can be seen here, here, here and here. I have been volunteering more in the SFGH Emergency Department for the extra clinical experience. Truthfully, I have no other desire than to work there.

I have absolutely no sense of urgency about getting a job as an RN. It is funny to see the artificial panic still present in the industry. I cannot figure out if it is a legacy of former times, when nurses were in surplus, or if it is the methodology of other industries, like graphic arts, where a million new-grads compete for ten jobs. I have enjoyed our recent job fairs, but they need to impress me, not me – them.

Okay, enough of the arrogance. While I have no angst about getting a nursing job, I think it might be difficult for me to get into SFGH ED. Call it intuition. I have now volunteered over 173 hours there, know most of the day staff by first name and have many staff advocating for me to be there, yet still I feel this way.

It could just be my innate paranoia and devout belief in the law of Murphy; who knows?

Tonight there will be a little birthday party for my two-year-old buddy, Travis. It should be fun and loud. I hope the tenants don’t complain too much.